Wanda V.

As a child who felt similar pain, I cried

As the child who hid from the monsters, I understand

As the adult who has processed many memories, I can identify

As a child of the heavenly Father, I am grateful to hear His voice

Who speaks of love

Calms my fears

And holds me in His tight embrace.

Thank you, Brian, for sharing the stories from your broken childhoods in such a deep and personal way. I was so glued to the story that at times it was really hard to put the book down. What a great story!

Thank you for showing how healing happens in individuals and in families. There is hope! 

Thank you for sharing how God leads people to us to love and care for us in ways we never knew before. 

Thank you for showing how miracles like music and the healing touch of Jesus can pour out of our hearts to bring His deep healing love to the fractured hearts of others. That is the longing I, too, have for the songs I’ve written. 

God bless all who read your book with His touch of kindness and peace.