Brian Shimer, Author

Relationships in life can heal us and bring us joy!

When kids are surrounded by safe adults they can become fully themselves.

GB, one of our grandchildren and pictured here as a raspberry(!), exemplifies this “becoming.” He, his siblings and cousins have been allowed the freedom to be and discover themselves. This is a beautiful thing.

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Jesus is real. I had pushed him so far from my life even while preaching about him all these years. I had not opened the door. I rejected anything that spoke of his power...”


This reader sent this to 50 of her friends, saying: 

“Hello.  Brian Shimer is a very good friend of mine and has been for many, many years. I just picked up his book. I couldn’t put it down. I read all night long until I was finished.
My take on it is that it is a story of a little boy with autism and living in an abusive home. It is the story of his journey and how God can use the smallest of events to prove He loves us. And how the smallest kind act or mean one can make a very big difference either way in someones life including your own. You will laugh and cry and and experience a few other emotions, as well. But I really enjoyed reading this. I think you will too. I strongly suggest you get this book and read it. I do have my copy and am willing to loan it out. But you will get it quicker if you just order it for yourself.”

— Jennie S.

Thank you, SO very much!   I finished your book.  It is beautiful . . . made me laugh, made me cry, and God touched my heart through your tender heart and words.  Thank you, again!”

— Diana T.

What a treasured gift is your writing. I enjoyed reading your novel so much that I was difficult to put it down to attend to other things needing attention. You truly have a gift with the written word. 

“While reading it, my heart ached, held onto hope, rejoiced, cried and once again embraced hope.”

Kathleen T.

Early this morning, 2 a.m., I couldn’t sleep where we had stopped for the night in Childress, TX. We were boon docking in a large truck stop, lots of engine noises. So I read the first 3 chapters of the book. God has gifted you, Brian. Such clear pictures, personality, and emotions. I am looking forward to reading the rest. Don’t remember if it was mentioned that we were foster parents for almost 5 years. We only took teens. We wanted them to experience living in a family where spouses loved and respected each other. No fighting, lots of listening and respect for kid’s opinions too. 

“At the time our own kids were 8, 5, 2. And an important part of helping the teens think beyond themselves. I always let them know that I needed them to help create a safe and happy home for these little guys. We had 34 kids in our home during that time. Half of the time we were a group home in a 10 bedroom house. With another resident couple there that helped, there were 16 around the table each meal. It was one of the most difficult but satisfying 5 years. Never slept through the night because crisis always hits around 2 a.m. with lots of talking, crying, hugging, and just letting them know they were not alone in their struggles. We had a lot of incest victims. These precious kids had endured more than God ever intended a child to face. We were there to introduce them to the One that would never leave them or forsake them, and they would never have to go through their struggles alone. We ended up adopting 2 of them as well. My heart breaks for all the broken kids out there. So, when I first started to read the book, I was hooked!” 

— JoAn M.

This story will capture your heart from the first page to the last! As you go with Phillip on his journey you will find yourself moved in so many emotions…anger, surprise, shock, as well as love, laughter and most of all, the healing power of God’s love through His precious Son, Jesus which touches Phillip in powerful ways as well as every life that Phillip encounters!!  Truly a book to strengthen your faith and give you hope!!” Donna F.


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